On this page you’ll find the projects I selected for the WDKA admission process. This page is only intended for the WDKA admission team. If you are not the intended audience, I kindly ask you to leave this page and check out other pages on my website.


*Disclaimer: An ‘issue’ I see in my work is lack of documentation of my creative process. I do have a process but I fail to document it clear enough. When I make something for myself, I make it up as I go. This is something I am working on.


This is the first digital piece I did on my Wacom drawing tablet. It’s about how teenagers and adolescents hang out together. The inspiration for this came from having to be in quarantine. It made me realise how important and valuable it is to hang out with your friends, to laugh and to have fun.

Date: summer of 2020

Medium: digital


There is something that really fascinates me: houses. More specifically, houses with a lot of rooms, like apartment buildings with small living spaces. They are so interesting to me because in every room there’s something else going on. A room is nothing but a blank canvas you can decorate just how you want – that’s why every room is so different. This gave me the inspiration to create this illustration. I had it printed on a sweater I gifted my boyfriend for his birthday.

During the making of this piece, I really did my best to capture my creative process. I made a lot of sketches, did good creative research and made sure it was clear for others to see what’s going on inside my head.

Date: November, 2020

Medium: digital


My friend Agata and I had a photoshoot on a very nice spring day last year. We hung out in Museumpark, had a picnic and took some photos. I love the color green, apparently (it’s in almost any piece I make), because I tend to take portraits in natural environments. Her red jacket and the green of the plants made for an amazing contrast. It’s one of my favorite portraits.

Date: spring of 2020

Medium: portrait photography, 55mm


I made this (really quick) piece just a few days ago. My parents told me a story of how they were almost in a car accident because there were very steep hills and there were two old ladies who drove really bad. This is exactly what I had in my head, so later that night I had to draw it. Afterwards my parents laughed and told me their car was a little red car. Coincidentally…

Date: 19/4/2021

Medium: traditional


Last fall, my friend Berend who owns a clothing brand (Push Clothing), asked me if I wanted to help him capture his new collection of sweaters he was about to release for the colder months. Obviously I said I did, so on a very nice, sunny fall day, my friends Berend and Pien and my boyfriend Floris and I got together in a park in Utrecht. We had a very successful photoshoot. I LOVE the outcome.

Date: October, 2020

Medium: photography, 50mm 1.8f


When the new year started, I made one new year’s resolution: draw more. I forced myself to make at least one drawing every few days, no matter how busy I was. These three drawings are just a few pages of my current dummy you will see in my video at the bottom of the page.

Date: January 2021

Medium: traditional


I really wanted to try out new things, so I bought a few canvas tote bags, drew a design and cut that design in linoleum. It was my first linocut piece ever and there’s definitely a lot of things I would’ve done differently, but I am happy with the outcome.

Date: April, 2020

Medium: traditional, textile, linocut


These portraits are relatively old – they are from 2018. Still, they are a few of my favorite portraits I have taken so far. This photoshoot is when I first started to develop my photography style that I still have today.

Date: June and August, 2018

Medium: portrait photography, 50mm 1.8f


I did this digital piece just a few weeks ago. After my ritalin wears off, I often get emotionless and tired. This piece is a relatively quick one, because I did it in just two hours during that ‘dip’. I made the brush I used myself.

Date: 25/3/2021

Medium: digital


Last summer, I had a spontaneous photoshoot with my boyfriend. This shoot wasn’t thought through at all – we just went outside with my camera on a nice day when we were home alone, and that’s that.

Date: summer of 2020

Medium: portrait photography, 50mm 1.8f


I made this piece with my friend. He drew the bottom half first and covered up his drawing so I couldn’t see what was going on. He left me a few lines to connect to. This made for a very interesting outcome, because we have different art styles. I really love this piece, because it’s fun and unexpected!

Date: summer of 2020

Medium: digital


My best friend Nikki and I went to the woods to hang out on Halloween. The weather was really nice, so I took my camera and we took some photos. I absolutely love this portrait, because it’s so mysterious and it feels really ‘natural’ and not posed.

Date: 31st of October

Medium: portrait photography, 50mm 1.8f



This piece means a lot to me, because this symbolizes my art development. I went from always wanting to draw realistically to not wanting to do so at all. I now think it’s uninteresting to draw something that the eye can see. It’s unfinished, but I kind of like that, because it shows my growth. Apart from all that, this would’ve probably been my most realistic piece ever.

Date: 2019

Medium: traditional


Last summer, my friend Emma and I met up for the first time to hang out and have a photoshoot in my backyard. I just had gotten my drawing tablet for my birthday, so I played around with the combination of illustration and photography.

Date: July, 2020

Medium: portrait photography (50mm 1.8f & 55mm), digital


For a school project, I had to make a poster for a fictional television show. It was about drugs, so I photoshopped the logo for ‘our show’ on a paracetamol tablet. On the multiple photos you can see a bit of the process. It was the first time I photoshopped something like this.

Date: 4/3/2020

Medium: traditional (text), photography, digital (photoshop)


At school, I joined ‘PLUSklas’ to learn how to document my creative process. Here I had to pick an already existing work of art – I picked A Girl by Ron Mueck. I had to ‘investigate’ what I liked so much about the artwork and why. I did this by making multiple really small paintings (I never paint, so I picked paint as my medium). I was assigned to a word the teacher found fitting for the paintings – ONGEFILTERD. I liked this, because I’m interested by the rawness and pureness of babies and kids. I did my best to show my creative process.

Date: 2020-2021

Medium: traditional


On a nice summer day, my friends and I went to a nearby lake to hang out and have a photoshoot. The photos turned out great. I wanted a dreamy, mermaid type of atmosphere. This shoot was very thought through, but a very long time ago!

Date: summer of 2018

Medium: photography, 50mm 1.8f


For an illustration exam last school year we had to create a children’s book cover for the story of Rumpelstiltskin. We weren’t allowed to move the title of the book or the name of the publisher, so I had to find a solution for the typography. On the other photos you can see the creative process.

Date: May/June, 2020

Medium: traditional (coloring pencils) and digital


This little children’s book was for an exam last year, where we had to pick one out of four assigned stories. We had to design the entire book, so I chose to use water color because I always loved that look when I read kid’s books when I was younger. Since I wrote stories that I printed out and illustrated with when I was 6, I absolutely loved this assignment. On the photos I posted, you can see the entire book with a few ‘outtakes’ and try-outs at the end.

Date: May/June, 2020

Medium: traditional (watercolor), digital (text)


This is another school assignment that I ended up liking. It’s one of the first times I used watercolor. We were given a few themes and emotions, which we had to write down in a table so we’d get all kinds of combinations we had to make a drawing out of. So for a few weeks, all we did was sketch. Unfortunately I lost the sketches, but I ended up with about 70 tiny sketches. Eventually, we had to choose one of all of these sketches, and work it out. We then had to write a mini story to go with it. Mine was about a girl who was home alone for a night and an intruder who was waiting for her to finally fall asleep, which she couldn’t.

Date: fall of 2019

Medium: traditional





For the VISUAL ANSWERS-assignment I interviewed my best friend who also happens to be my boyfriend, Floris. He is a very intelligent, patient, kind person with interesting views. This is why I picked him.

My project started with the interview. I filmed it, in case I wanted to use it as part of my creative process.


I made the interview into a documentary you can watch here.

I then did a photoshoot with him to really capture him and his personality. He is a very chaotic, energetic person so it was a challenging step to do so successfully.


For the Observe and shout!-assignment I started with looking at my environment (which is the city of Rotterdam) and what I felt when I did so. I realized I tend to look at nature, even in settings where nature has been removed, manipulated or changed. This made me realize that even in a busy city like Rotterdam, there’s still nature all around us, even though it ‘is not supposed to be there’ (according to the township). My take on this assignment is about nature in places it wasn’t meant to be. It’s called Natuur in de Verdrukking, or in English The Oppression of Nature.

My process begun by going outside after school on a nice Wednesday to take pictures of nature in unexpected places in the city center. I think I took about a hundred photos, but I ended up picking around 20. I edited them so the colors stand out.

I ended up using some photos of older shoots too, as I felt they really captured his personality.

After the photoshoot I edited the photos I felt best showcased Floris’ personality. I printed the photos I picked, so I could paint on them and visualize the answers he gave me.


I took these photos as part of my process. I wanted to see exactly what nature in a city looks like, so I felt that I needed to actually go out and ‘study’ it. With these photos I could move on to my next step, which was to make a big illustration.

Rotterdam, 2021
(Portrait) photography, acrylic paint, fineliner
50mm 1.8f, 55mm

During the photoshoot we just had a few conversations about normal, everyday-things. I did this so he could be exactly how he is when there is no camera around. Floris doesn’t have much experience modeling, but that’s okay because I didn’t want him to pose – at all!

With the photos I took I saw visuals in my head with colors, mostly, because it matches him so well. This is what I did.

I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. It was challenging, but I am happy with the outcome.


After my creative research, I began making the big illustration inspired by my city. I used the streets of Crooswijk as my inspiration for my illustrated city. With the pictures and Google Maps I could now finally create my end work.

I illustrated with a grey COPIC fineliner, to make sure the comments, emotions and thoughts of my environment would make for a good contrast.


Rotterdam, 2021
Traditional, grey COPIC Multiliner

I asked my direct environment (friends, parents, coworkers) for their ‘reaction’. I gave all of them the same instruction, so everyone would go into it with an open mind. The decision to let others, who do not have any artistic experience, write on my drawing, was a huge one for me. I mentioned I want to let go of my perfectionism – this is how I did it.

At first everyone felt reluctant to write and draw on my big illustration. Eventually they loosened up and I didn’t look or interfere while they let out what they thought, wanted to say, felt was interesting or felt stood out in the drawing.

I really enjoyed this project. I forced myself to let go of my perfectionism for a bit, which was hard at first. But I love the outcome.

Have some cookies.