2020 was a relatively creative year, even though everyone was held back by the pandemic. I did a few good photoshoots, especially near the end of the year. After 2019, I really needed to get back into a creative environment. Luckily I found one, and it paid off. I realized I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by creative people.

Girl in the Woods

This portrait was taken on the 31st of November. It was a really nice, sunny fall day so we decided to go to the Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam and enjoy the sunshine. Model: Nikki


This is a photoshoot I did with Emma in July in my backyard. Emma is a musician and she makes music. Click here to check her out on Spotify. Make sure to support small artists and their art!


A spontaneous photoshoot I did with Floris while we were hanging out at my house in August. We took a walk in the park and made music together.

Model: Floris

Phtotoshoot: Push Clothing

A photoshoot I did with a few friends during fall. We did this shoot in Utrecht, at the Wilhelminapark. This one was for a new collection that my friend Berend dropped, with his clothing brand Push Clothing. Make sure to check it out!

Models: Pien, Berend, Floris.

Have some cookies.