Nature has always had a special place in my heart. Its ambience, its colors, its shapes. Anything I make, is created with my endless fascination for nature, space and everything that wasn’t artificially made. In my project ‘UNFILTERED’, I am visualising my interest and fascination for nature.


Nature doesn’t stop. It doesn’t pretend to be nice to get what it wants. It also doesn’t try to make itself more beautiful by undergoing plastic surgery, dressing a certain way or getting a tattoo to impress others. Nature is a thing, to some people an unreachable person or a concept, or maybe even a God. To me, it’s somewhere between a mother figure and a beautiful, magical spirit we can go back to at the end of a long day, just like how you go to talk to your favorite person when you need to be cheered up.

Nature is all sorts of things to me – it’s dreamy, it’s a way for me to see things that make me sad from a fresh perspective, it’s unreachable but reachable at the same time, it’s beautiful and it’s raw. Yet this doesn’t distract me from the fact that nature is incredibly cruel. It’s the way life was meant. Every life comes to an end, some sooner than others. That’s also why death really isn’t so scary to me: it’s natural and exactly how it’s supposed to be. This doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be absolutely heartbroken for a very long time if it would ever happen to someone I love – it just allows me to to cope with these kinds of sad things.


This project started as a school assignment for my portfolio, but it grew out to be way more than just that. The assignment was to pick a picture of an artwork the teacher laid out on the table for us. I was the only one who picked ‘Baby’ by Ron Mueck. I liked it, because it’s realistic and raw – it’s quite literally a huge, realistic, newborn baby. I used to have this phase, that stopped to exist in 2018, where I absolutely loved realistic drawing. I think this is one of the reasons why exactly this statue spoke to me.

A close up of my first try, a colorful portrait of ‘Baby’. This is acrylic paint on regular printing paper. Everything you see on the picture has been 100% impulsive. I really tried to go with my feelings, rather than painting what’s visible, like I used to do back in 2018 and before.


My project began by grabbing acrylic paint in the primary colors (I love to start with those, to further emphasize the ‘back to basic’-idea). I did this because I never really paint in my free time and since I really want to discover myself as an artist, I will always keep on trying new things.

I didn’t sketch for this first little portrait – it actually started off as a try. I wanted to use color, because 1) I love using bright colors, as you can tell from my other work, and 2) kids are pure – they don’t try to disguise things, they say what they think. This is why I made the link between ‘Baby’ by Ron Mueck and nature.

These are two pictures I took during the summer, but heavily edited so the pixels and the colors seem to ‘glitch’. Its colors and shapes inspire me because I’m planning on using this kind of combination of cold and warm colors in my work – not just in my conclusion of this project, but in my work in general.

It made me think of either a forest fire or lava – both things that occur in nature and have one huge thing in common: fire.

I picked out two sections of the photo that contain a lot of different bright colors that seem to speak to me.

Have some cookies.